Episode #136: Ventura Nationals

Recorded at Studio 503 in Oxnard …lots of event coverage talk.  Great day and great show.  Holly and Aaron did an awesome job along with all staff at the event.  Also the usual updates on shows, etc.  If we missed something about the show, check out the blog.  Thanks for listening and tell a friend.

Episode #135: Surf City Garage Car Show

Great show in Huntington Beach, so some event coverage and commentary, Mustang update and plans, rats and wiring, shaving…and more garage talk from the Galaxie Studio.  And put things where they go FFS.   Episode #135                                      

Episode #134: Blacktop Depot

On location with our buddy Tony “T-Bone” Colombini at his new new consignment shop, Blacktop Depot, in Orange, Calif.  We got the skinny on everything he has to offer, and of course, plenty of tangents along the way.  The place has great acoustics and you can hear it in the recording…that is not a Garage

Episode #131: Just a Podcast

At the  Galaxie Studio after, ironically, dialing in the Galaxie for next weekend.  We get into some Patent Troll talk, Project Street Legal, Blacktop BAD project and Depot, and more!  Check it out…   Episode #131      

Episode #130: Junkyard Jeff Interview

“Junkyard” Jeff stops into the Galaxie studio for our latest interview.  Not only do we talk about his site, Junk Yard Find, but also his ‘Cuda, car shows, state of the sport, new stuff… and all kinds of stuff.  Good times.   Episode #130                      

Episode #128: LARS & Summit/Y-Block Shootout

A double header this weekend… Pomona to Barona.  Plenty of Event Coverage plus usaul project stuff, updates, tool karma, tips, and more.  Check it out!   Episode #128 LA Roadster show video Y-Block Shootout video LARS:     Summit Series Drag/Y-Block Shootout:              

Episode #127: Ink-N-Iron

Back at the Galaxie Studio after the Ink-N-Iron show and some Mexican food at Lola’s.  Some event coverage, some updates, a tangent on music,Brotherhood raceway, and more…have a listen.   Episode #127 video here Ink N Iron 2014        

Episode #126: Project Street Legal

Donald Galaz from Project Street Legal came by the Galaxie Studio top give us the skinny on bringing back drag racing to Terminal Island.  Lets get some more boots on the ground.  Tell a friend, show support, and get involved.   Episode #126   Make sure to sign the petition and like them on Facebook

Episode #125: NMCA West Drag Racing

At the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after some drag racing at Pomona.  Great time!  Event Coverage, project updates, light bulbs, and more!  Pass it on and thanks for listening.   Episode #125 NMCA video 1 NMCA video 2                                

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