Episode #180: Priorities

Back to Work on Projects

Episode #180 Back at the GALAXIE STUDIO! Lots of updates for ProjectNickelandDime, Davis Mustang. William starts to remove rust with POR-15 process from Abolute Coatings. Davis makes it to the Edelbrock Car Show with the Mustang and finally meets Jim Morrison of South Bay Mustang Club, Eddie Greenwood of the Whitewall Nationals, Dawn Henderson with

Episode #179

David Steele Interview: AHRF

Episode #179   David Steele, Director of the American Hot Rod Foundation, stopped by the Galaxie Studio for a sit-down interview.  We talk a little bit about the Foundation, its history, and where it is going as well as how David got involved and some of his cars and stories about being a “car guy.”

Fabulous Fords Forever

Knotts Berry Farm

Davis and the Podcast intern made it out to the 31st Annual Fabulous Fords Forever car show on Sunday, April 17, 2016.  It was presented by the Ford Car Club Council and the Ford Motor Company, and the show celebrates ALL Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles, from 1903 to the current models. Check out all

Antibiotics for a Gearhead

Combustion and Internal Medicine

Hospitals are like courthouses, nobody wants to be there. William’s good luck had landed himself in for some needed medical attention these past few weeks. Not to worry, he’s doing much better at home and trying to re-organize his workbench now. So, that is the reason for no podcast recordings the past 3 weeks. On

Episode #178

Yeah, It's Been a While...

Episode 178 Both the Podcast Gearheads have been under the weather, William much more than Davis, but we did get a recording in at the Galaxie Studio in Long Beach.  Some significant Mustang updates to report,  SEMA SAN stuff you need to know about, local stuffs, and more!  Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast.

Episode #177

More Mustang Woes

Episode #177 Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after another frustrating day of trying to get the 302 in the Mustang running.  You can check out the whole project here. Davis did get compression at zero valve lash with his Scorpion roller rocker arms. TDC was verified and Comp Cams pushrod length was

Re-Post: Project Street Legal

Interview With Donald Galaz From Project Street Legal

Episode Re-Post   The Chatsworth illegal street racers were sentenced this week for the February crash that killed two spectators in 2015. We felt it would be a good opportunity to re-post our podcast interview with Donald Galaz from the Brotherhood of Street Racers from July of 2015 regarding illegal street racing and re-opening a