Japanese Classic Car Show

Long Beach, Calif.

The 12th annual Japanese Classic Car Show, dedicated to Old School Japanese Cars, came once again to the Queen Mary in Long Beach.  It is the largest show of its kind and features nothing but pre-1985 Japanese brand cars.  That means Celicas, 510′s, 240′s, Ladybirds, and more cool stuff to look at.  Check out our

Episode #186: Back at the Galaxie Studio

Oh Geez...

Episode #186 (Click to listen in new tab.)   Back at the Galaxie Studio in Long Beach. We skipped Coronado Speed Week vintage racing.  We discuss other people’s work on your projects, whats doing with william’s truck and POR-15, priorities, some upcoming events such as The Race of Gentlemen in Pismo Beach, JCCS in Long

The Great Labor Day Cruise

Time to cruise

William and Davis took the trek to their old stomping grounds over to Orange County to check out The Great Labor Day Cruise for the first time, even though it has been going strong for 34 years. Lots of neat muscle cars, hot rods, trucks and customs to check out at this event. Bring a

Episode #185: GASSERS!

And Back at the Galaxie Studio

Episode #185 (Click to open in a new tab)   GASSERS!  GASSERS!  GASSERS! All about the 3rd Annual Gasser Show at the  Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA.  Also the usual banter about what’s been going on with the Mustang and Truck,  the Munsters, and more. We forgot to give a shout out to

Episode #184: Prime Motivation Interview

Hanging at SoCal Auto Spa

Episode #184 (Click to open in a new tab)   We attended an open house at SoCal Auto Spa in Brea, CA for an onsite conversation with Bill Montgomery, Tim Smith, and Mike Sagat to talk about the Prime Motivation program. Good folks with a common goal to motivate and get high school kids inspired

Repost: Rebecca Nunes Interview

The Great Labor Day Cruise

Repost from last year.  The Great Labor Day Cruise is coming up in a few weeks so it seems time to catch up on what this show is all about.  Check out their website and Facebook pages to get connected. Click to listen, subscribe on iTunes, or stream it from your favorite podcast app.  

Five Car Shows You Won’t Want to Miss

Guest Blogger Jason Mueller

Five Car Shows You Won’t Want to Miss by Jason Mueller Many car enthusiasts can tell you that the best way to find information on the car of your dreams is by attending a car show. All across the U.S., there are thousands of  annually that showcase some of the most elite as well as

Prime Motivation

With Rodney Allen Rippy

Check these guys out…an innovative platform that promotes a positive message to youth to stay in school and continue education.  Interactive workshops and demonstrations use vehicles equipped with the latest technology to help provide valuable insight about career-tech education and the skills needed in today’s automotive industry.  It is curriculum based that generates interest and

Episode #183: William is Back!

Whitewall Nationals and More!

Episode #183 (Click to open and listen in new window) We took a trip to San Pedro to check out the Whitewall Nationals on Saturday, July 16 here in SoCal. Show promoter, Eddie Greenwood had all the real estate for this custom/hot rod/bike car show in the Port of Los Angeles. You can listen to

Episode #182: Davis Does Autocross!

Fontana: 103 Degrees

Episode #182  (Click to Listen in a New Window)   Back at the Galaxie Studio after a long day at Autoclub Speedway in Fontana for autocross sponsored by Hotchkis Suspension, we were participants rather than spectators. Listen to  how our day went, but more importantly how Project Nickel and Dime did on its real test

Episode 181: Eddie Greenwood Interview

Whitewall Nationals

Episode #181 (Click to listen in new window)   We met up with Eddie G. and the Rockin’ Moroccan to chat up about the upcoming Whitewall Nationals show at ULS Kustoms in Signal Hill.  Cars, customs, trucks, 12 bands, Tiki, pinups, food, drinks, motorcycles, vendors, and more all coming to San Pedro on July 16,

Video: POR-15

Stop Rust Permanently

  William tackles some rust issues on the bed of his truck using POR-15 products. Learn how to do it the right way by using their 3 part system and stop rust permanently. No welding required.   Floor Pan and Trunk Restoration Kit:  What’s in the box?      

Episode #180: Priorities

Back to Work on Projects

Episode #180 Back at the GALAXIE STUDIO! Lots of updates for ProjectNickelandDime, Davis Mustang. William starts to remove rust with POR-15 process from Abolute Coatings. Davis makes it to the Edelbrock Car Show with the Mustang and finally meets Jim Morrison of South Bay Mustang Club, Eddie Greenwood of the Whitewall Nationals, Dawn Henderson with