Episode #141: SEMA 2014

All Things Automotive

SEMA:  OMFG what a whirlwind of sensory overload.   Episode #141                         Check out the Photo Gallery. The whirlwind week at the beginning of November each year in Las Vegas, Nevada usually equates to the annual SEMA show. This year, the organization had expanded

Episode #140

NMCA WEST World Street Finals

Back at the Galaxie Studio after a day at Fontana and some drag racing at the NMCA WEST World Street Finals.  Killer adrenaline rush stuff…these guys mean it.  So some event coverage and on to the usual garage talking rants, updates, tips, and banter.  Davis was in a better mood, so we had a better

Episode #139

Mustang 3, Davis 0

Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after a frustrating day of working on the Mustang (Project Nickel and Dime).  Sad Davis.  Some talk about what is going on with our front disc brake conversion, William’s truck and motorcycle, what we have been up to the past couple weeks and what we plan to

Project Nickel and Dime Part Two

Front Disc Brake Conversion with SSBC Parts

In this installment of Project Nickel and Dime we tear out the front 4-lug drum brakes and install a new 5-lug disc brake system on Davis’ 1967 Ford Mustang.  The kit we used was from Stainless Steel Brake Corporation and we show you step by step how to do it.  Pretty straightforward and fairly easy

Episode #138

Podcast on 05 October 2014

Recorded after working on Davis’ 1967 Mustang (aka Project Nickel and Dime) doing the first phase of a front disc brake conversion from Stainless Steel Brake Company (SSBC).  Other topics we got on was the Japanese Classic Car Show here in Long Beach, Pete Brock and BRE, California law, pressure washers, William’s truck blows a

10th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show

World Class Cars in Long Beach

We hit the 10th annual Japanese Classic Car Show.  It was awesome.  This text will be replaced with a full write up from Davis in a couple of days, but I wanted to get the photos and video up asap.  So come back soon!     September 27, 2014 Breaking the mold of the traditional

Flashback Project F-100

Revisit a truck

We’re jumping back a few years and revisiting our everyday cars and projects. Call it the “Flashback Series”.   Lots of stuff done to this rig over the years, I am still finding bad work by the hillbilly that owned it before me. 352 FE car engine (I know that because December 18th 2012 the

Episode #137: Coronado Speed Festival

Live from the Galaxie Studio in Long Beach

Three weeks off from the show, but we still have been busy…Project Nickel and Dime (Davis’ 1967 Mustang), Belmont Car Show, new look for the website, SEMA news, SEMA Action Network, Project Street Legal..and more!  Might actually have time in October to get some stuff done.   Episode #137 Photos From Coronado Speed Festival Video:

Episode #136: Ventura Nationals

"The Best Traditional Hot Rod and Custom Show in California"

Recorded at Studio 503 in Oxnard …lots of event coverage talk.  Great day and great show.  Holly and Aaron did an awesome job along with all staff at the event.  Also the usual updates on shows, etc.  If we missed something about the show, check out the blog.  Thanks for listening and tell a friend.

Episode #135: Surf City Garage Car Show

"Surf City Garage is more than just car polish"

Great show in Huntington Beach, so some event coverage and commentary, Mustang update and plans, rants and wiring, shaving…and more garage talk from the Galaxie Studio.  And put things where they go.   Episode #135                               August 16, 2014 Huntington Beach,

Episode #134: Blacktop Depot

"Blacktop Media Opens Brick N Mortar Shop"

On location with our buddy Tony “T-Bone” Colombini at his new new consignment shop, Blacktop Depot, in Orange, Calif.  We got the skinny on everything he has to offer, and of course, plenty of tangents along the way.  The place has great acoustics and you can hear it in the recording…that is not a Garage

Episode #133: Podcast

An All-Gasser Car Show!

Event Coverage on the Tribute to the Gassers show, updates and plans, patent trolls, etc.  Check it out!   Episode #133 A car show just for Gassers!   The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, California sponsored the “Tribute to Gassers” event which coincided with the month long exhibit dedicated to the gasser race car.

Episode #132: Holly Gollob and Aaron Stein Interview

"We're ready for Ventura"

We met up with Holly and Aaron at their home for a sit down interview in their backyard.  So there is some ambient noise like dogs barking, neighbor working, stuff like that.  What better way to learn about what to expect at this year’s Ventura Nationals than the ones putting it on.  We are super