Re-Post: Project Street Legal

Interview With Donald Galaz From Project Street Legal

Episode Re-Post   The Chatsworth illegal street racers were sentenced this week for the February crash that killed two spectators in 2015. We felt it would be a good opportunity to re-post our podcast interview with Donald Galaz from the Brotherhood of Street Racers from July of 2015 regarding illegal street racing and re-opening a

Episode #174

Sometimes Free is Gonna Cost You...

Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio with a late start due to William’s curse of the Hillbilly and why you need your dummy lights, Davis gets to rebuild a carburetor, drywall patching tip, and more garage banter between the two hosts. Check out the Youtube video. More car projects here.   Episode #174

Project Nickel N Dime – Engine Build

302 Engine Build Videos

Time to get back in the time machine a bit for Project Nickel N Dime. Davis has been trying to get some old videos edited down to smaller bites sizes. Check out some of these regarding oil pump, oil pan, crank damper, cylinder heads and valvetrain installation. Thanks for checking these out and tell a

Episode #173

Mooneyes X-mas Car Show and Drags

Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio where we talk about the Mooneyes X-mas Car Show and Drags, updates on Irwindale Raceway, progress on Davis’ 1967 Mustang (Project Nickel and Dime), and William’s good intentions…Some talk about “The Wall of Death” which dated back to the 1930′s. And MORE! Episode #173 Link to all

Episode #172

Back at the Galaxie Studio

FINALLY!  Post SEMA and Thanksgiving we are back at the Galaxie Studio in Long Beach.  Davis’ 302 is almost ready to fire up, stoopid flexplates, Mooneyes, flashlights, knives, parts counter guys, and more!  Sign up for the newsletter, buy a shirt, and tell a friend.  Thanks!   Episode # 172