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Episode #15: Podcast

Posted by William

Still no emails.  Wood floor talk, euro hinges, mortise bits, sandpaper, what glass can do, push rod and Paso, william’s drains and kitchen, expansion joints and chalking, motor oil changes, homebrew (email william for the recipe), touch ups and more floor and project talk, upcoming stuffs,  william saw a movie, NASCAR prayer song, upcoming events, and more!

Episode 15


Show Notes!

Check out the wood floors at davis’ place  here

Here is what william gets to eventually fix:












Here is a good article on sharpening chisels.

william’s bent pushrod and Paso picture:










william’s kitchen:





















Charley Varrick Trailer (1973)

Boogity Boogity Song

Coronado Speed Week looks like fun

We ain’t gonna make it to SEMA 2011

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Episode #14: Podcast

Posted by William

davis takes a couple days off to work on his kitchen nook and jacked up floor, cutting  wood on a table saw when you don’t have the proper planer, grain popping, lots of mistakes, ironing boards, wood joints, what to do when you buy a house, sidecar talk, upcoming events, william is lazy with projects and unemployed, Galaxie and Maverick talk, concrete sealer, william’s movie review, carbon monoxide:  The Silent Killer!, still no emails … and more!

Episode 14


Show Notes:



what we had:









what we needed:













Bridle Joint:









Router Bits!














Sultan’s Car Show Aug. 7

Lakewood Car Kulture Show Aug. 14

Uptown Whittier Car Show Aug. 27


Buster the Half-Cat!

















There is concrete sealer… who knew?


The following language comes packaged with carbon monoxide (CO) detectors:

For minimum security, a CO Alarm should be centrally located outside of each separate sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms.  The Alarm should be located at least 6 inches (152mm) from all exterior walls and at least 3 feet (0.9 meters) from supply or return vents.


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Pub and Pedal

Posted by William


Episode #13: Podcast (William Needs a Job)

Posted by William

Our first pub and pedal adventure, william needs a job, couple of projects, beer, Amir to come on the show soon and Jay, things coming up, davis’ floor, Schwinn talk, Galaxie and Ford talk (william forgets about the XL), calendar stuff, email woes, (lack of) motorcycle update, Carolla and Leno, Google image woes, and more!

Episode 13

Show notes:


Schwinn History
















Flying Saucer in Texas















Bonebreak Syncopaters

Forbidden Island


















glass harp ^

Admir’s website


davis’ floor








How to Repair a Wood Floor

Memory Lane Classics














Galaxie info

Dirty Harry Trailer

Carolla Car Show

Jay Leno’s Garage


EMAIL us…. Please!










Episode #12: Shifter’s Car Show

Posted by William

This episode we just got back from the Shifter’s car show in Old Pomona and some of our favorites, the “Antique Doll”, william’s welding wows but he is square together, ham radios on the Queen Mary, more plans with downhill derby, william actually has a movie review (kinda), we need a new apparel outlet, davis’ bathroom is almost done and hardwood floor fix ideas, don’t let people work on your house when you are not home, carbon monoxide tester, Amazon taxes, davis scores a deal, william needs a job, Y-block talk, and more!

Episode 12

Old Pomona Car show gallery

Buy a car show print



Show notes:

Shifter’s Car Show







Smith Special









Comet Gasser

















Flickr photostream

The Antique Doll racing in Fontana (we did see it after all)

HAM Radio and the Queen Mary

Red Bull Soapbox Race… and play the game!

SCISR and the davis/fish derby (watch the video)

Planet of the Apes 201…you can watch it on youtube








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davis’ floor heater:







carbon monoxide testers

Amazon tax?

Y block start up from two years ago (video)

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Shifter’s Car Show-Pomona July 02,2011

Posted by William

Just a little bit of video, mostly start up of the “Antique Doll”