Monthly Archives: October 2011

Episode #27: Wings, Wheels, and Rotors

Just got back from the Wings Wheels and Rotors show at Los Alamitos Army Airfield, lots to see.  Check out the photo gallery for the eye candy.  Davis has a wiper blade update, blowing cement, and conduit… William is a working stiff again and a little tangent on the one percenters, schools, shop classes and

Episode #26: Pub and Pedal

Pub and Pedal day for us in Long Beach…  Belmont Brewing Co., EJ Malloy’s, Ashlee’s, and The Pike.  Miss Motormouth update, good mechanics and tire shops, william’s window screens and bad work on davis’ screen, windshield wiper woes, we both got some weird dust, upcoming interviews and shows, and more!  Send us some mail and

Episode #24: Long Beach Motorama

Long Beach Motorama time!  Flare nut wrench is your friend, brake lines, projects, our 59 Ford Truck, Mopars, Jeff from, Mooneyes show, what would william drive, Galaxie plans, upcoming shows, hardware store etiquette, and more! Episode 24         Check out our recent videos here