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Episode #180: Priorities

Back to Work on Projects

Episode #180 Back at the GALAXIE STUDIO! Lots of updates for ProjectNickelandDime, Davis Mustang. William starts to remove rust with POR-15 process from Abolute Coatings. Davis makes it to the Edelbrock Car Show with the Mustang and finally meets Jim Morrison of South Bay Mustang Club, Eddie Greenwood of the Whitewall Nationals, Dawn Henderson with

Episode #150

Hellwig Install...And More

Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after doing an install of Hellwig’s LP-25.  What a difference.  We also get into what is happening with the Nickel and Dime 302, upcoming events and interviews, what is happening with the illegal street racers in Chatsworth, and more.  Have a listen and send us some mail.