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Project Nickel and Dime Parts Three and Four

Metric? On a Ford?

Wrapping up the front disc brake conversion on Davis’ 1967 Mustang with a new power booster, pedal, master cylinder, and proportioning valve. Next up, we swap the six cylinder 7-1/4″ rearend for a Ford 8″ from a ’68 Cougar. Then we will install new rear brakes, bench bleed the master cylinder and bleed the entire

Project Nickel and Dime Part Two

Front Disc Brake Conversion with SSBC Parts

In this installment of Project Nickel and Dime we tear out the front 4-lug drum brakes and install a new 5-lug disc brake system on Davis’ 1967 Ford Mustang.  The kit we used was from Stainless Steel Brake Corporation and we show you step by step how to do it.  Pretty straightforward and fairly easy