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Episode #142: Hot Rod Happening

Cool local show doing good for the community.

Back at the Galaxie Studio for some local event coverage, project updates, and William went Bourbon Tasting with an old buddy.  Have a listen…   Episode #142 This was the 17th Annual Hot Rod Happening and Food Drive at Performance Plus Tires in Long Beach, CA. This is the perfect “small show, community-driven” event for

Episode #141: SEMA 2014

All Things Automotive

SEMA:  OMFG what a whirlwind of sensory overload. Click the link to listen to the podcast, or subscribe via iTunes, and/or stream it with your favorite app. Episode #141                         Check out the Photo Gallery. The whirlwind week at the beginning of November each

Episode #140

NMCA WEST World Street Finals

Back at the Galaxie Studio after a day at Fontana and some drag racing at the NMCA WEST World Street Finals.  Killer adrenaline rush stuff…these guys mean it.  So some event coverage and on to the usual garage talking rants, updates, tips, and banter.  Davis was in a better mood, so we had a better

10th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show

World Class Cars in Long Beach

We hit the 10th annual Japanese Classic Car Show.  It was awesome.  This text will be replaced with a full write up from Davis in a couple of days, but I wanted to get the photos and video up asap.  So come back soon!     September 27, 2014 Breaking the mold of the traditional