Welcome to the Primer Podcast!
A little about us. William and Davis have been into cars and home projects  for at least 20 years. We’re basically gearheads who spend a lot of time working on old stuff primarily related to cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, houses and everything in between. If it’s broke, we’ll try to fix it ourselves. We attend swap meets, usually auto related,  a lot of car shows, and some drag racing events.   We’ve also acquired a taste for some good drinks along the way. So one day we figured we’d try to share all this with project/car show stuff with others. Why read a forum when you can listen to a couple guys who might help you and feel the same way you do when you’re tackling those projects.

Our Mission is to share our experiences with others regarding most anything vintage. Hot rods, cars, trucks, planes, motorcycles, bikes and the social interaction in between. We’re sharing our pics and videos.

Thanks for looking and tell a friend!

Primer Podcast at SEMA 2013