Primer Podcast Colby Martin

This is what some of our guests say about us.

“Much like building a project vehicle, William and Davis are constructing their show from the ground up. For example, these two can tape a show just as easily whether traveling to an off-site location or recording at home. In fact, they often produce the series right from their own garage. Although their interests are generally vintage in nature, the guys highlight subjects spanning the specialty vehicle market. The program covers a variety of automotive displays and personalities, racing events, profile interviews and even aircraft shows. As you’ll see above, the SAN was fortunate to make a guest appearance recently. Thanks for a great experience, William and Davis, and for helping spread the good word about our cause! We’re looking forward to the follow-up appearance.” – Colby Martin, Government and Public Affairs Manager, SEMA Action Network.

Read the whole story here from the SEMA Driving Force newszine.

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