Episode #11: Podcast (Watching Paint Dry)

Two parter this time, but we do get around to talking about Davis’s bathroom update, what to do when waiting for paint to dry, door and motorcycle update, flathead update, 4 Aces Motorcycle Supply, wonkey springs, Lord Muck’s Nasty Grind, ACE on the House, the comealong came, the older days of Long Beach, and Shifters show next weekend.  Part two:  Bathroom update, hardwood floor fix ideas, shirt problems and such, soapbox racing, eBay is your friend, sidecar stuff, william’s fine sense of direction, stuff coming up and more!

Episode 11
Show notes:








william’s motorcycle update:







Sweet Triumph at LA Roadster Show

4 Aces Motorcycle Supply

Long Beach Spring and Forge

Lord Muck’s website, or subscribe on iTunes

ACE on the House…william called in on this episode.













Shifter’s Car Show in Pomona

Redbull Soapbox racing in LA

Long Beach Motorama

Choppahead website