This episode we just got back from the Shifter’s car show in Old Pomona and some of our favorites, the “Antique Doll”, william’s welding wows but he is square together, ham radios on the Queen Mary, more plans with downhill derby, william actually has a movie review (kinda), we need a new apparel outlet, davis’ bathroom is almost done and hardwood floor fix ideas, don’t let people work on your house when you are not home, carbon monoxide tester, Amazon taxes, davis scores a deal, william needs a job, Y-block talk, and more!

Episode 12

Old Pomona Car show gallery

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Show notes:

Shifter’s Car Show







Smith Special









Comet Gasser

















Flickr photostream

The Antique Doll racing in Fontana (we did see it after all)

HAM Radio and the Queen Mary

Red Bull Soapbox Race… and play the game!

SCISR and the davis/fish derby (watch the video)

Planet of the Apes 201…you can watch it on youtube








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davis’ floor heater:







carbon monoxide testers

Amazon tax?

Y block start up from two years ago (video)

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