Episode #135: Surf City Garage Car Show

"Surf City Garage is more than just car polish"

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Great show in Huntington Beach, so some event coverage and commentary, Mustang update and plans, rants and wiring, shaving…and more garage talk from the Galaxie Studio.  And put things where they go.


Episode #135

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August 16, 2014

Huntington Beach, CA is also known as “surf city”, yet this show wasn’t near the beach. This was the 6th annual car show sponsored by Surf City Garage products at their headquarters. This was our first time attending this event. Many people we have spoken to had suggested we should check it out for some muscle cars and hot rods and especially, the private car collection.


Tim Miller, founder and owner of Surf City Garage, started this car care product business back in 2007 after the insistence of friends. The wax products were originally just for his restoration crew and soon grew to samples to close friends. Word of mouth about the product spread and an opportunity was created. The other major players in car care products include Meguiar’s and Mothers, both located in south Orange County. Surf City prides itself in selling a higher quality product which is also reflected in a higher price compared to their competition. Isn’t your 1960’s muscle car worth a little more for a wax or interior cleaner? Surf City products are now available through major automotive chain stores for your convenience.

surf city caddy

You have to get to this event early to get a decent parking spot outside the show area which is located in an industrial park at the west end of Huntington Beach. Upon arrival, get your walking shoes on. You’re going to walk at least 5 blocks. Now it was time to see some neat muscle cars and hot rods. At the center of the event is the Surf City Garage building which hands down in our book, has to be the best collection of vintage automobilia signs and neon we’ve ever seen. The two story building has signs from toe to ceiling in every corner and wall. Vintage everything from Coke dispensers, gas bottles, oil cans, petrol pumps and advertising.

The center area of the garage incorporates at least a half dozen four-post car lifts which help organize the personal muscle car collection. Tim’s collection is made primarily of mid 60’s muscle Pontiacs and Mopars. GTO’s and Super Bee’s, what else do you need? Maybe a Shelby, but I don’t remember seeing one of those amongst all the cars and signs. It’s almost too much to take in as a walk-through tour. We made our way towards a rollup door as an exit and caught glimpse of the 1950’s diner area with Corvette and Ford Sunliner in the center. Across from those were late 40’s Indian and Harley motorcycles. I’ll take the ’47 burgundy Indian if Tim needs more room in the future. Outside the garage are more cars in various stages of restoration on lifts and under car covers. This is a very active restoration shop with many roll-out toolboxes and everything needed to bring an aged Detroit steel monster back to life. The finished cars are top-notch and every detail is not overlooked. Of course the paint gets the full treatment of top quality wax and protectants to keep the cars looking their best. These are the testaments of good quality on display.


To summarize this collection, I’d have to say it’s like having a real life Hot Wheels car collection without the cheap plastic case. Everything is restored to its original state and it makes quite an impact of days now gone. We look forward to next year’s show.