Episode #168

Ultimate Street Car Association in Fontana, Calif.


Back at the Galaxie Studio just getting back from the OPTIMA’s search for the Ultimate Street Car in Fontana, Calif. with some Detroit Speed Autocross and Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed Stop Challenge plus good garage talk and updates…Davis has 2 more weeks to get the 302 ready for break-in and William is looking for parts, and more.


Episode #168


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USCA offers a weekend of activity-based action for you and your car. Whether it’s an early or late model import or domestic ride. The Stop Challenge was sponsored by Wilwood Brake and consists of a quick run down a few yards a quick U-turn, a simple 3 cone slalom to a stop inside a coned off “box.” A good time trial would be approximately 17 seconds. A driver had 3 hours to test and tune to get the best time averages.

In the other parking lot, Detroit Speed Inc. was supervising the autocross challenge which was made up of a good mile long track. Again, drivers had 3 hours to make the best averages. After a lunch break, all drivers switch to the other field. Towards the end of the day, there is an off-campus road rally which puts all participants into real world driving on side streets and freeways near the Auto Club Speedway. After all, these are “street cars”.

Throughout the day, USCA judges look over the cars for an engineering and fabrication scoring. Scoring revolves around a vehicle and its “originality” integrated with modern day upgrades. A good example would be retaining a stock AM radio amongst the modern day mechanical engine gauges.

At the end of the day on Sunday, participants receive final scoring based upon the Stop Challenge, Autocross, Rally and Engineering fields. Winner gets a USCA jacket and bragging rights. Learn more here, http://www.driveusca.com