Episode #176: Grand National Roadster Show

Award Winning Roadsters!

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The first podcast for 2016 from the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after a full day at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, Calif.  Updates, SEMA MPMC conference, some DIY house tips, update on Project Nickel and Dime and banter after the show.


Episode #177


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“The Grand daddy of ‘em all”, yes it’s the Grand National Roadster Show at the Fairplex in Pomona, CA. We skipped this show last year opting to attend the annual Turlock swap meet in the central California valley. It was time to get back to the grassroots of vintage Americana “junk” and we enjoyed the road trip. But this year marked the 67th annual roadster event and boy was it great. This show features the custom car builders, painters and upholsterers that debut their talents and dedication to the automobile into an artform. Every participant had an exceptional car on display. This year’s winner for the coveted AMBR award (America’s Most Beautiful Roadster) went to Darryl Hollenbeck from Concord, CA. Congrats! Job well done. Maybe we should mention he’s married to the sister of Roy Brizio. Hot rodding runs deep in that family.

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One of the exhibit buildings also featured all machines dedicated to land speed racing. There were prime examples of numerous land speed record holders from El Mirage to Bonneville.
400 mph records on land seems a bit crazy and quite mind boggling when you’re standing next to these engineered land missiles. The quest for speed never rests, salt or dirt. Something else to mention is the non-profit organization dedicated to saving the salt flats. Literally calling themselves “Save the Salt”. That’s the que for you to go to their website and donate to preserve the deteriorating salt bed in Utah.

The Suede Palace is also a place of unrest with vintage hot rods and customs. Some have paint, some don’t, but all have more character than a roomful of Hollywood movie extras. On the outer aisles in the Palace were your retro vendors such as; Rat Fink t-shirts, pinstrippers, pinup girl photography and restored vintage motorcycle helmets and riding jackets. Throw in DJ Axle, The Mighty Mojo, The Show Men or The Hula Girls bands, in the corner and you have a party!

Other festivities included: DJ Vic Slick, John Ewald Five, Pin-up girl contest, pinstrippers charity auction, model car contest and autograph signing with Kent McCord, actor from Adam-12. Also worth mentioning was a huge display from Galpin Auto Sports featuring The Munster Mobile designed and built by George Barris.

We’re scheduled to return in 2018 since the we will probably be sifting through cool junk in Turlock next January.

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