Episode #183: William is Back!

Whitewall Nationals and More!

whitewall nationals

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We took a trip to San Pedro to check out the Whitewall Nationals on Saturday, July 16 here in SoCal. Show promoter, Eddie Greenwood had all the real estate for this custom/hot rod/bike car show in the Port of Los Angeles. You can listen to our podcast interview with Eddie here. Also up on the podcast we talk about whats doin’ with William’s truck and what is in store coming up post surgery, upcoming interviews like Tony from Jamco Parts, Race of Gentlemen and other shows coming up…and MORE!


Whitewall Nationals 2016_26Whitewall Nationals 2016_14


We met with Tony Colombini, from Blacktop Magazine and Tony Genty of Jamco Parts. Great folks and more to come with future podcasts.


Whitewall Nationals 2016_231

Whitewall Nationals 2016_232

We can’t forget Rodney Alen Rippy and Bill Montgomery from Prime Motivation. These guys are putting the words of automotive in the ears of high school kids where the trade classes have died. These are our future mechanics. We’ll be interviewing Bill soon, stay tuned.


Rodney Alen Rippy and Bill Montgomery


Quote of the Podcast via Mr. Fish:  “If it ain’t toxic it ain’t worth using.”


Event photos? Of course, Click Here for all the Photos!