Episode #186: Back at the Galaxie Studio

Oh Geez...


Episode #186 (Click to listen in new tab.)


Back at the Galaxie Studio in Long Beach. We skipped Coronado Speed Week vintage racing.  We discuss other people’s work on your projects, whats doing with william’s truck and POR-15, priorities, some upcoming events such as The Race of Gentlemen in Pismo Beach, JCCS in Long Beach and Rising of the Rods. We talk about the Eddie Braun jump over the Snake River in Idaho which Evel Knievel couldn’t do way back in 1974. Big plans with William’s Galaxie, paint on the pick up truck, and the new Legacy license plates and expanded Year of Manufacture plate program for California.


William’s Spare Tire upgrade and fix:














We are California Black Plate Snobs. This is just wrong.