Episode #19: Podcast

This time we talk about Vet’s Stadium, BMX sidecar, ebay still sucks, project updates and stories, project updates, podcast rules, bicycle stuff, BuskerFest, we missed the Whitter show, upcoming dates and shows, Ventura Nationals, Vintage Japanese Show, Coronado, Stone Brewery, Motorama, Belmont Shore, Rio Bravo, Davis’ list of abbreviations, our lack of social media and more!

Episode 19


Show Notes:

Davis’ Sidecar Project



Junkyard Find

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

william’s new bell:



Stone Brewery:


Ricky Nelson, Dean Martin and John Wayne.

“My rifle, my pony an me”

Davis’ List of Abbreviations:

NPT – national pipe thread

AWG – American wire gauge

PSI – pounds per square inch

GPH – gallons per hour

CFM – cubic feet per minute

BSA – Birmingham Small Arms

PVC/PCV – poly vinyl chloride (pipe), positive crankcase ventilation (car)

AMP – ampere

IPA – India Pale Ale

HVAC – heating, ventilation and air conditioning

TDC – top dead center