Episode #193: On to 2017

and Beer in a Glass

PrimerPodcast Jan 2017

Episode #193  (Click to Listen in a new tab/window).  Easier to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, Tunein, or where ever…but thanks for listening!

Back at it for 2017 everybody!  In the Galaxie studio with some project updates, moxon vice finished, 2017 resolutions, Xena vs. Buffy talk, Death Race 2000/, new Death Race 2050 and more.  Rain or shine, we’re getting back in gear. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.  Feel free to toss us an email if you are in town or at an event or through Facebook…William will buy you a beverage.  Next stop, Turlock.


Moxon Vice:

Moxon Vice



Tuck Bed Progress:

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