Episode #194: Post Turlock Swap Meet and Projects

Walk Away...Have a Beverage

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Episode #194 (Click to listen in a new window)


Back at the Galaxie Studio…Davis and William discuss current states of projects. The pain of reproduction Ford parts as Davis tackles original dash, heater box removal and instrument cluster upgrade with Speedhut gauges. The somewhat annual trip to Turlock Swap Meet. William gets original 1963 issue California black plates for the 1968 Galaxie…and a legitimate movie review!  William has never seen the movie Duel?!!!!

Project Nickel and Dime coming along. Street Machine Nationals for autocross? We don’t know about that.

Girls In The Garage Car Show 2017 in March at the LA Driving Museum. We’ll check it out.

Future podcast interviews with Tim Genty with Jamco Suspension and Steven Candillo with Bombs Magazine.







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Movie, Duel!!!