Episode #209: United Pacific Industries Interview

With David Odegard

William, David, Davis, 32 Ford, United Pacific Industries Primer Podcast

William and Davis make their way over to United Pacific Industries in Long Beach for an on site interview with David Odegard, Director of Research and Development. We got a tour of the place and saw some really cool stuff, then sat down for the podcast.  We got into the history of the company as well as David’s role and long history of Ford car enthusiasm.  Bet you didn’t know that a lot of the aftermarket parts and panels you buy through the big sellers are actually made by UPI, so check them out.  We also got to talk about their 3rd annual United Pacific Rigs and Rods Truck and Car Show coming September 23, 2017.  We covered the event two years ago, so check out the photos and video. Thanks for listening and sharing!


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