Episode #30: Podcast

Audio problems, bear with it if you can but will be good to go from now on… another 60 bucks into equipment should have us up and going.  This show starts of with gun talk (is there primer on on a gun?), and move on to home projects, electricians are not drywall guys, apartment work, hinge fix, hard working with other people’s tools, you get what you pay for in tools, curling iron in the tub, sharpening chisels, William”s kickstand and door lock woes, again cables sick, Mad Fabricators interview coming up,Grandpa’s coffin car, roller derby in Long Beach, wiper blade update,  91 car show and John Force, Razorbscks, and more… hit us up for an email or a review…….its free. also, no more shakey hands.



Episode #30


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