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Protects C7 Corvettes from losing power from overheated engine oil

Avon Lake, OH (March 9, 2016)…The new C7 Corvette has one design flaw that can easily send it into limp mode with reduced power. Because the engine cooler and oil filter are located in close proximity to the driver side catalytic converter, the engine oil can overheat signaling the ECM to reduce power.

DEI now offers a new thermal control solution with the introduction of the C7 Catalytic Converter Heat Shield. Custom designed to prevent oil temperature from rising in the C7 by blocking heat transfer at the source, this shield is a quick, easy and cost effective solution to prevent a loss of power.

Made with a dual layer design, this shield has been tested and proven to reduce the chance of heat soak in the C7 by adding two extra layers of thermal protection. Constructed of an inner layer material that is 89% silica to block heat from the converter, and bound with DEI’s proprietary Titanium outer layer material, engine oil is kept within acceptable ECM heat limits. Stainless steel locking ties hold the shield in place for a long lasting, durable insurance against power loss.

The kit includes 4-20 inch stainless steel locking ties, a free Locking Tie Tool and one C7 Corvette Catalytic Converter Heat Shield (part #010069).

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010069 Corvette Cat Shield