Falken Azenis FK450 All-Season Ultra High Performance Tires


Product Description:

Falken’s all new AZENIS FK450 All-Season is specifically designed for today’s premium sport coupes and sedans. Through an array of advanced technological features including Falken Tire’s exclusive Tension Control Technology (TCT) process, engineers achieved an excellent balance of handling, high-speed stability and confident all-weather traction. With 48 available sizes ranging from 16- to 20-inch, and 68% Luxury Sport vehicle coverage, the FK450 A/S is the choice for drivers seeking uncompromised dry traction in addition to superb drivability in inclement conditions. Further complementing the FK450’s excellent all-season performance, through advanced tread design simulation, the slightly rounded sculpted-rib edges aid to prevent rain groove wandering, enhance straight line stability and optimize on-road feel. AZENIS FK450 A/S, dependable all-season ultra high performance, year round.

Azenis FK450 3 Quarter copy

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