1968 Ford Ranchero

PROJECT: Runchero!

Primer Podcast will be wrenching on this 1968 Ford Ranchero for the next few weeks months


Sold and on its way to Indiana!


It has a 351W backed with a C4 and 8″ rearend.
power steering and power drum brakes. no radio.
lots of loose parts and lots of dirt.

we’ll post up progress pics as we go.



UPDATE March 18 -
We got into the 68. Replaced points, rotor, cap, spark plugs, wires, oil, thermostat. siphoned the old gas and installed a fuel sender filter. Purchased a new battery and cranked her over. NOTHING. she turned but no fire.
We checked the fuel filter and it was completely plugged up. Trip to Napa and $4.50 and we got a new unit on.
still no firing. We determined the carb needed a rebuild.
William took it home and ordered a rebuild kit. Its a Motorcraft CK43 or Autolite 4300 4V. nothing fancy.
the thermostat pic is out of focus, but you get the idea of what is clogging it up.

During the week, I decided to remove the radiator and flush it. I also cleaned up the tail lights.

We got the tailgate on and radiator installed.

Rear bumper on.

UPDATE March 25 -
William’s rebuilt carb.

Fuel issues. No gas to carb, We checked fuel to carb and then fuel to pump. We then ran fuel hose to gas can to pump to bypass the tank. We re-checked carb float and venturi. Then too much gas, it flooded.
Re-check float, then it ran. but stalled. Added extra base gasket and it ran smoother- which leads us to believe the carb base is not truly flat. Insulator on the list.
William started body filler and cleaning. Out came the vacuum.

April 1-9 Update

Been working on the interior.

Fixed the arm rest pads, pulled out the homemade door panels by previous owner. Made new templates from Luan board from

Home Depot, trip to Jo Ann Fabrics for new vinyl.

Fixed passenger door. now it closes. Cleared out one bed floor drain hose.

Tried to fire up the 351W, no dice. carburetor still no go. Got a bid on ebay for an Edelbrock 600.

Door locks replaced, rods fixed.

Gas tank leak fixed. Fuel line cleared out.

Grill straightend and headlights adjusted. waiting for install.

Rearend yoke seal now leaks -

April 15 UPDATE

Finished making door panels, got them installed.

$20 door panels!

William got busy doing body work.

Team Bondo, some good ol Primer,

then some rattle can semi-gloss black.

UPDATE April 21

Edelbrock 600 cfm carburetor installed – used unit rebuilt on a friday night.

Saturday turn over, No Fuel!

We bypass the hard line and tank and run from a gas can again. Starts no problem and idles like it should.

Problem, fuel source. We ran the 351 for approx. 4 minutes. no issues. During the run, we check the brakes. Power booster isnt working, no boost at all. Kill the engine. We then decided to pump fuel from the can thru the hard line at the tank. Ran no problem. We decided to then remove the brake booster as its toast and the fuel tank.

When dropping a fuel tank, remove all the fuel first. We had about 5 gals. in that tank. our fuel gauge and our assumption of fuel was way off. Despite all that, we determined our problem is with the tank itself. Upon further investigation, we found the remains of a locking gas cap inside the tank. We’ll fix or exchange the tank and replace the booster.

Update April 29

Fuel system- william cleaned out the extra gas tank and resealed the fuel sender.

much better unit than the other tank. Tank got installed, we ran the engine for a few minutes, set the parking brake, threw it in reverse and nothing. No response from the transmission. Just as we started adding some trans fluid, the engine quit. A few cranks and nothing. No fuel to the carb. We then ran a fuel line to gas can just below the fuel pump. Engine ran fine. Since the fuel pump was the only item not replaced or inspected, we decided to replace it for a new one. Previous owner had changed it but it didnt seem to pump enough from the rear tank. We couldnt check the psi, so we replaced it.

Trip to O’Reillys and a new fuel pump for $23. Installed new pump and she turned over and idled easily for 5 minutes no problems. We threw it in reverse again but the e-brake wasnt going to hold her. We called it a day and shut her down.

We’ll wait for the brake booster and inspect brakes next weekend.


New brake booster installed. The entire brake system needs to be bled and inspected.

We got the fenders, stone guards front bumper and turn siganals installed.

More work on the body as well. She looks pretty tough now.



Front Brakes.

When all else fails, go to the Ford Shop Manual.

I  failed to get the front drums/spindles off thinking they came off without the studs. Wrong.

William got busy installing cab and bed trim.

I gave up on the drums and decided to hook up the choke cable for the Edelbrock carb.

We finally got the rear tail lights on and functional.

It’s staring to look like a car again.


Front Brakes, no problem!

First we did some engine degreasing and cleaning.

We got the front drums off no problem via fan email and the shop manual.

Wheel cylinders look clean and new. We replaced the cracked and old front brake hoses.

Then came the rear, leak central passenger side.

Trip to Napa for two rear wheel cylinders. Then we broke a spring on installation of brake shoes.

Back to Napa. After more inspection, we noticed brake shoe was worn to the metal on rear facing shoe.

Next week we’ll replace all rear shoes, hardware and left wheel cylinder and bleed the entire system.

William got the new seat cover on and shot the bed while I was dropping some coin at Napa.

I’ll re-seal the shock access plate during the week.


We replaced the rear brake shoes and hardware and adjuster screw cables and wheel cylinder on the driver side. We bled the entire brake system and tested the brakes. We still get the red brake warning light on the dash. Turns out we have a cracked rear brake line on driver side. That will be replaced this weekend after the drag races in Irwindale.

I had other issues with water pump replacement with my Mustang.

We put some gas in her and she leaked at the filler tube – gas tank connection.

I ordered a replacement hose from AutoKrafters. The old one was too brittle and falling apart.

UPDATE June 16

Fuel filler tube to tank hose replaced.

Rear brake line replaced from axle to left rear wheel cylinder. See video for tube flaring experience. Tube flaring is tricky and my best advice is to practice before you make the final cut and flare. We re-bled the rear brakes and now have pedal. I did another cleaning on it and she’s ready for the “Sale” sign.

Next up, engine coolant flush, a tank of gas and get the rear turn signals working.

She loves to run!

UPDATE June 23

Project Runchero is up for sale! I put 9 gals. of gas in her and shot some pics.

That car loves to run and sounds pretty damn good too!