mustang nickel and dime

Check back for latest post on the status of the six cylinder to V8 swap.

also bear with the website change.

I’ve had this car over 25 years and it was my grandma’s car!

2014 brings some changes to this car as well. First, is a 5 – lug conversion. Finding 4 lug rearend parts new these days is completely a lost cause.

front wheel hubs, a complete lost cause. I’ve had problems with both situations. The world revolves around the 289 V8. I’m in the market to collect V8 parts this year and will do the conversion when i get a time/parts schedule figured out. i have time on my side as this is no longer a daily driver.

upgrades include power front and rear disc brakes, a 4V intake and a basic 289 setup. i’ll be reworking the rear suspension since the last time i replaced the rear springs was waaaay back in 1989. time to lose the lowering blocks.

Lots more to come,

Check it.


March 9, 2014

Picked up a 1968 Ford 302 block with 65 289 heads and and extra set of 302 heads couple weeks ago.

She’s bored 030 over and has some decent cross hatch and plenty of carbon deposits.

Originally a 2V, we’ll see what i can do to make it a 4V.

Within past two weeks, i’ve began removing heads, timing cover, oil pan and found the oil pump was not torqued down to spec. that explains the lack of oil pressure needed. Looks like #5 piston has some scuffing and minor bore scoring. hopefully i can rehone or deglaze bores and re-ring pistons to fix this.

Picked up a new harmonic balancer, 2-sheeve crank pulley, alternator bracket and motor mount brackets at the Long Beach swap meet.

Will continue with more parts as i get into this mill.


































































She also has 4 slightly bent pushrods, worn timing chain and worn valve stems.