Davis 1967 Ranchero

It’s time to get back to the projects this year. And this is going to be a goal for this year.

Did some basic engine valve cover leak fixes. With a 390 FE in under the hood and a power brake booster to make life hell, it takes some time to replace and straighten those factory Power by Ford valve covers. done.

next up is the thumping rearend that came to life over a year ago. money and lack of time have put this on the side burner. Now is the time to take it apart and find those problems. I replace U-joints, and this day in February, i removed one axle.  Bearings are smoked. I got a small handful of metal on the driver side. It makes noise and i cannot get the MF’r out. I used the tip from my friend, Smitty and flip the brake drum around and use the lug nuts to hold it on the axle and pull., a great tip. but i need more force centralized to the axle. time to make a slide hammer.

Feb 24, 2014

Got new axle bearings on at the local gear/axle shop in Paramount, CA.

Left axle was too scored to be reused. So i had to get a replacement. Seems its 030 too large to fit the brake drum now though.

and, one of the wheel studs isnt fully seated to the axle flange. Lame.

I replaced the pinion seal on the third member and had the ring and pinion checked for proper wear. It’s all good to go.

Looks like 3.00 gears and this is not the original third member for this car. I’ll keep it simple and get it back together.



















































March 8, 2014

Got axles and seals installed. More time with some seam sealer at the replaced floor boards and some more undercoating.

Quick shot of some high temp semi gloss black on the cleaned up areas as well.

Dont forget the rear gear oil. Lucas 80W 90.  Will test drive soon.




































Helpful tools for inserting axle seals.

Use an adjustable hole saw and cut some wood the same diameter as the seal perimeter. Works easily and cheap. If you need to get into hard to reach area, use a 1×1 stick and a rubber mallet.