Back at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after doing an install of Hellwig’s LP-25.  What a difference.  We also get into what is happening with the Nickel and Dime 302, upcoming events and interviews, what is happening with the illegal street racers in Chatsworth, and more.  Have a listen and send us some mail.


Episode #150


Here is William’s truck with two C4 transmissions, a flathead block, and a pair of 302 heads in the bed.  Sad rear end.  It did not like the bumps and dips of our fine Long Beach roads.







Hellwig products are 100% American made for over 65 years and is a three generation family business.







The dirtier William gets, the cleaner the truck.







Here is the truck with the LP-25 installed and the same load in the back.  What a difference.  No sagging back end and no problem going over bumps and dips in the road.







Here’s a profile shot of before and after spring kit installation. Note the difference in rear bumper heights. Truck load is the same.



Hellwig Load and Sway Control Products







The Nickel and Dime 302 engine. Davis calls it the “No Pressure 302″. This poor ’68 302 got some shade tree work done with a oil pump removal and no torque wrench. Yep, she was run with low oil pressure. She’s 030 over and will hopefully make a new comeback at 040 over and new pistons, rings, bearings and a new hydraulic roller cam. Stay tuned for more. Much more to be done with the rest of the Mustang. New speedo, trans linkage swap and finish up the fuel line.

NoPressureFinal small


breakdown 302