Episode #164


We took a road trip up the California coast to the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, California to check out the Goodguys West Coast Nationals. This was our first trip up to this particular event in the bay area. Pleasanton is the home of Goodguys and its publishing company, the Gazette and they put on a great show. The fairgrounds was the perfect place for all the acres of street rods, hot rods, muscle cars and vendors.

This particular event did not have an autocross or burnout contest, but they did have a good sized swap meet area for cars and parts. That’s a big plus in our book, cuz who doesn’t like a good variety of junk to look over in the morning? Lot’s of early model car parts, automobilia and such just like that of our trips to the Turlock swap meets in January. Nice cars, unfinished projects and some real basket cases also attended in the Cars 4 Sale Corral. Saturday prices subject to come down for Sunday. Bring a trailer if you’re itching for another project.


Goodguys also had their Nitro Thunderfest with a few vintage rail FED’s to kick some nitro burning flames around a couple times during each day. But somehow I missed that over the drowning insect sound of the tether car circle track racers. Watching gas powered tethered model cars doing 80 mph around a 20 foot diameter circle track is a bit like torture for an adult recovering from a long night of beverages and bad Italian horror movies. You’ve seen it once, move on. There’s no sport in it really.


The show also featured areas for the 40 Fords Forever, Good Wood, Homebuilt Heaven, Trick Truck Corral, Mighty Muscle, Duece Doins and Youngguys. All in all, you get a good slice of just about every decade of American cars and trucks with every bit of personalization that can be done to each one. You want to drive home with another one, yet feel absolutely ineffective getting progress done on the projects you already have sitting in your garage back home. That’s called motivation.

We didn’t hang out to see who got the America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod Award at the end of the show. We also missed the Goodguys Giveaway 32 Ford Roadster that will be raffled off next year in Ohio. It was built with Brookville components and features an Edelbrock small-block Chevy crate engine. Seems it made some cruising around the show grounds as I was always in the wrong place to shoot any pics. That’s alright though, we decided to take our buddies’ ’49 Ford out for a spin around the streets of Alameda to shoot some video instead. That was motivation put to work.


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