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William’s 65 truck with the optional 352 FE was in need of some more attention after the warped head issues a few weeks back. He needed to replace the water pump. The weakest component to most any water pump is the bearing. Once that goes, all hell breaks loose and you have a mess of coolant on your hood, on the ground and in some cases, on your windshield. The good thing about this generation of Ford F-Series trucks is the amount of room in the engine compartment to tackle the job of replacing the troubled water pump. They have the width of a full size car and the simplicity of a dirt track race car. It’s all quite in front of your face and its the easiest vehicle to crawl under due to the higher axles and taller tires. Simple is better and the pure nuts and bolts of this installation is simply four bolts that mount the pump to the engine block.

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As with any and most projects, go over what needs to be done beforehand if you plan to do the job yourself. Consider all tools, gaskets, fluids, replacement plastic parts and any component that relates to or interfaces with the item you are working on. We’ve all been in that situation where the inevitable shows up and you have to make that extra trip to the auto parts store. Purchase extra and return it later when time is on your side. That $2 part will end up costing you more in gas and especially your time.

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We replaced the culprit cast iron water pump with a stock replacement unit manufactured from Carter products. Davis couldnt sell this unit on ebay or craigslist for months, so it sat on his shelf for years after he got an Edelbrock aluminum unit for his 390 FE Ranchero.

Instead of drawing out the full installation, check out the video!

 install video