Flashback Project F-100

Revisit a truck

flashback f-100

We’re jumping back a few years and revisiting our everyday cars and projects. Call it the “Flashback Series”.


Lots of stuff done to this rig over the years, I am still finding bad work by the hillbilly that owned it before me.

352 FE car engine (I know that because December 18th 2012 the tranny froze on the freeway at 65 mph…Belmont Auto and Bob’s F 100′s got her rolling again).  Edelbrock intake, valve covers, air cleaner, and intake.  Holley carb.  Wheels courtesy of Mr. Fish via a garage sale and Discount Tires here in Long Beach.


Here is what I started with:










And here is where I am at cira 2011:











UPDATE:  Jan 2014

Finally got around to a full tune up and carb adjustment. And  rockin an Edelbrock air cleaner.