How to Build the Perfect Garage

A garage is an important part of any home, and if you don’t have one it’s an excellent investment for you to make. If you’re thinking of having a custom garage built on your property, it’s very important to hire a skilled garage contractor to do the work, and to really take your time and consider the features, the layout and exactly what you want out of your garage.

Rush through the process and you’ll end up with something that you don’t like. Take too long and you’ll never get it. Just as a fine Mustang that needs a little tune-up, a garage build must be handled professionally and by someone who knows what they’re doing to ensure the build goes smoothly and the garage functions as it should once it is finished. Read on to learn how to go from wanting a garage, to having your ideal garage.

considerConsider Your Preferences

Before you even go to a professional it’s important for you to sit down with your spouse, if you have one, and talk about what you want out of a garage. Decide on the space you’ll need, how many vehicles will be parked inside, how many tools you want inside the garage, and any other purposes that the garage will have. If you’re single and believe you know exactly what you want without consulting with anyone else, be sure to take your time and really figure out exactly what you’re looking for out of the garage, and make sure you have a comprehensive list of wants.


Plan it Out

Once you know what features you want in your garage, start looking at actual garage plans and deciding on the specifics. How many doors do you want? What type of garage doors do you want? Will the garage be insulated? Will the builder need to incorporate additional features? Think about all these things and make detailed notes of everything that you want out of your project.


ContractorTalk with a Contractor

With your notes put together it’s time to go and talk to an actual contractor. Get together with a skilled contractor that you choose carefully, and go over your plans. Explain what you want, and listen to the contractor’s opinion about what you want. You’ll quickly learn what is doable, what isn’t doable and how much everything is going to cost. After you have a list of costs and a list of concerns from the contractor you can move on to making necessary changes and completing the final plans for the garage.

ChangesMake Necessary Changes

Now that you’ve talked with a contractor it’s time to make all the changes to the garage that fix any unrealistic expectations that you have, or any features that you either can’t afford or that simply won’t work. Your contractor will help you figure out exactly what you can get out of your garage, and it’s up to you to make sure you’re getting what you want in the end.


Get the Permits

With all the planning finished, your contractor will need to work with the state or the county to obtain the necessary building permits. Have them take care of the permits for you, or if you’re handling it yourself, you’ll need to submit all the documents for the permitting process.


Build the Garage

Now that you’ve taken the time to plan your ideal garage, you have all the features that you want and you have the necessary permits in place, it’s time to go ahead and build that garage so that you can enjoy it. Hire your chosen contractor to get started on the project, and enjoy watching the progress from start to finish. Most garages won’t take very long to construct, so you’ll likely only have to wait between a week and a month from the start of the project until you are enjoying your new garage. Wait patiently, keep an eye on the progress and stay out of the way of the builders so they can complete your project.

The perfect garage should meet all your needs, and will give you a place to store your tools and your vehicles, but it’s not something that will be complete overnight. You need to be patient and try not to hurry the process along, and in the end, you’ll love what you end up with.