OEM Bed Liner

From day one when I bought Daisy, my 1965 Ford F-100 Pick Up, back in July of 2000, the bed has always been smoked.  The previous owner, which we fondly refer to as the “Hillbilly”, used the Truck to haul ponies and carry hay and seed, and I should mentioned that the rear had extra leaf springs in it to handle the load. This caused water to pool up in not so favorable spots and caused a lot of rust damage.  I get it, it is a work truck with no real trim options and a 352 big-block FE, no problem but really took a toll on the bed and suspension on this now 52 year old truck.  Rear suspension has been helped by a Hellwig helper spring set up which you can watch the install here, but the bed was in not so good of shape.  Keep in mind that this will never be a show truck, but I did want things to be better.

I had read the online forums that there was a manufacturer for plastic bed liners that would fit, but could never get really what I wanted, so I sat on it, for years.  Mainly due to the fact that I did not want plastic crap sitting on Daisy without really addressing the real issue…rust.

Jump to SEMA 2015 where we met Jason Anagnostis and Scott Helliesen from POR-15.  Both Davis and I have been using their products since we first started trying to get our vehicles in shape…20 years ago on the Galaxie and Mustang.  POR=Paint Over Rust.  Chemically getting rid of the bad stuff.   The point being, I got the hook up from Jason to try the product on Daisy.

Yes, it has taken a while to get to it, mostly due to the health issues I faced in 2016, but determined to get on it on 2017.  Overall, it took me two days to get things done.  Sand, clean, degrease, metal prep, and POR-15 one day and then scuff up /knock the shine off with some 180 grit sandpaper, and apply two coats of bed liner.

All the products work well together and are easy to use.  It seemed like after the prep-work was done, I spent more time watching stuff dry than I did actually working with the product.

A couple of notes:  Keep it clean.  Once you think it is clean, clean it one more time.  Wear and use the appropriate safety gear…especially gloves (I always forget that one). When dealing with any chemicals make sure you have adequate ventilation.  Lastly, use common sense.

Sanded, cleaned and prepped:

Primer Podcast POR 1


























Coat of POR-15:

Primer Podcast POR 2


























Bed Liner after Second Coat:

Primer Podcast POR 3



























Overall, I am very happy with the results and can hardly wait until my next trip to the home center to see how well it performs.  It is POR, I know it will be great.