Project Runchero – Parts 1 through 6

Flashback 68 Ranchero Project


It was back in 2011 when we picked up this forlorn 1968 Ford Ranchero for a whopping $500 and sold it for about $3,000.

William and I had a good adventure putting this beast back together and making it road worthy. She still needed more TLC, but she had it where it was needed. I have heard through the grapevine that the guys at TorqStorm Superchargers bought it some time ago. Maybe they’ll put one of their superchargers in it for a SEMA show. Who knows.

Here’s the story behind Project Runchero. It goes to prove that those great deals are still out there.

Davis found this car posted on the Ranchero forum for a quick sale with an asking price of $800. She had a C4 automatic which was converted to a B&M floor shifter, 351 Windsor engine with no name full length headers and a stock Motorcraft 4 barrel carburetor. Nothing fancy, but she did have power front drum brakes and power steering. The deal came with an extra bench seat, gas tank, fasteners and other specific Ranchero goodies. She was all there but was literally packed up in boxes. The previous owner had taken it to the local community college to learn how to do bodywork, so most of those issues were worked out and he had been collecting parts for it as he went along. Shortly after that, he decided to make some career changes and needed to get rid of it rather quickly. He had mentioned that the car ran, but did not disclose it was “driveable”. We all know how that goes. But we drove the 45 minutes to go check it out. It was all there and he did in fact show us that it would run, only after you filled the fuel bowl with gas. His attempts to fix it with a new fuel pump had failed and he wasnt going to invest a dollar or an hour into it.

The first meet.

That’s where we come in.

68 rear

68 front

We borrowed a buddies Chevy pickup truck and rented a U Haul car trailer for $60.

Off to Davis’ garage we went.

IMG_3966 copy

Almost got her started.

Then it was time to get to work.

fuel sender

We had to go through the entire fuel system from tank to carburetor.

flushed radiator


Flush the cooling system, yes, thats the thermostat!

tail light

Check the electrical systems and bulbs.


installed carb

The Motorcraft carb rebuild attempt.

We then got busy with bodywork.

and Davis got busy with homemade door panels.


other side


finished boards

vinyl cut

panels installed

Then more carburetor hassles.

After a bit more hassles, we give up on the Motorcraft 4100 and Davis gets a used Edelbrock carb off ebay and gets a rebuild kit.

Cost – about $80.

Edelbrock carb rebuild video.

Then we got her to fire right up

installed carb