Hippy Killer Hoedown

Perris, Calif.


With Davis out of town, William hooked up with Tony Colombini from Blacktop Magazine to set out to Perris, Calif. for the 9th Annual Hippy Killer Hoedown. This was our first time at this event.  Overall, it was pretty cool despite the 96 degree heat at one o’clock.  The show was broken down into sections:  Cars, vendors, vans, bikes, and racing.  There was a good selection of old school rides and mild customs, but it seemed like there were more vendors than cars, but a better selection of vans than at previous shows we have been to.  Then there were the bikes…great selection.  Tony called it a “Small version of Born Free.”  Loads of springers and sissy bars, ape hangers, killer tanks, and just good looking bikes.  We were guessing it was a good morning for a ride.  We did not catch any of the mini bike races or other racing, there was an accident (hope the guy is okay…went out on a neck brace and stretcher) and they were running an hour and a half behind.

Despite the afternoon heat, good effort on the promoters part, and if you listened to the podcast, you know why William went.  This may be an every other year show for us, but it was definitely worth checking out, as was the Mexican food on the way out of town.


Hippy Killer Hoedown_21Hippy Killer Hoedown_32Hippy Killer Hoedown_42


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