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10th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show

World Class Cars in Long Beach

We hit the 10th annual Japanese Classic Car Show.  It was awesome.  This text will be replaced with a full write up from Davis in a couple of days, but I wanted to get the photos and video up asap.  So come back soon!     September 27, 2014 Breaking the mold of the traditional

Episode #65: Coronado Speed Festival

Coronado Speed Festival!  Long day, killer show.  Some banter about the show, quick interview with one of the drivers, and our usual stuffs.  Be sure to check out the pictures and video of the show … links below.   Episode#65   As usual, pix can be found here, and video here.  Send us some mail

Episode #23: Coronado Speed Week

13 hour turn and burn at Coronado Speed Week… killer stuff! Imports, open wheels, stock cars, too much to list.  GREAT SHOW!  William even saw his cool Uncle Jon in the pits, we got to sit in a REAL nascar (check videos) Ford Taurus driven by Dale Jarrett, tobacco and booze, Belmont Car Show, William