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Episode #56: F-100 Nationals with Interviews from Gary Ewing, Junkyard Jeff, Jack Mattson, The Fan-Man, Pat Ford, and Ed Oe

Our first “live” podcast from the F-100 Western Nationals. Interviews from Gary Ewing (william’s mic was not working), “junkyard” Jeff McKelvie from Junkyard Find.com, Jack Mattson “The FanMan”, Pat Ford from Dennis Carpenter, and Ed Oe. Unfortunately, the interview with Diane from Mid-Fifty Ford has come up missing, which is really too bad as she

Episode #50: Project Ranchero

Another day of wrenching on the Rancheo, but we have brakes!  Then our usual banter of projects, upcoming shows, and events.  Check it out!  And send us some mail FFS!     Episode #50 Ranchero progress here and video here … scroll down for the latest!