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Episode #14: Podcast

davis takes a couple days off to work on his kitchen nook and jacked up floor, cutting  wood on a table saw when you don’t have the proper planer, grain popping, lots of mistakes, ironing boards, wood joints, what to do when you buy a house, sidecar talk, upcoming events, william is lazy with projects

Episode #11: Podcast (Watching Paint Dry)

Two parter this time, but we do get around to talking about Davis’s bathroom update, what to do when waiting for paint to dry, door and motorcycle update, flathead update, 4 Aces Motorcycle Supply, wonkey springs, Lord Muck’s Nasty Grind, ACE on the House, the comealong came, the older days of Long Beach, and Shifters

Episode #4: Podcast

William has ignition problems, Long Beach bike license update, Long Beach Roller Derby interviews, William’s Triumph update, why Kilz Premium Primer is better, Davis’s bathroom update with mirrors and cabinet, Davis’ Ranchero gets ready for Edelbrock car show, Eagle Field Drags update. Episode 4 (click to listen, right click and “save link as” to download.