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Episode #153: Podcast

"Story of my life...no one calls me back and no one answers an email."

Back at the Galaxie Studio for a podcast.  Updates on Davis’ 302, William’s truck and Triumph, Ink-N-Iron, more street racing sad news, California SEMA Action Network, emissions talk, Hot Rodder Journal…and more!   Episode #153   Brought to you with support from Hellwig Products and Pertronix Performance Products.  They are good people who support us,

Episode #131: Just a Podcast

"Let's dial in the Galaxie"

At the  Galaxie Studio after, ironically, dialing in the Galaxie for next weekend.  We get into some Patent Troll talk, Project Street Legal, Blacktop BAD project and Depot, and more!  Check it out…   Episode #131