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Episode #26: Pub and Pedal

Pub and Pedal day for us in Long Beach…  Belmont Brewing Co., EJ Malloy’s, Ashlee’s, and The Pike.  Miss Motormouth update, good mechanics and tire shops, william’s window screens and bad work on davis’ screen, windshield wiper woes, we both got some weird dust, upcoming interviews and shows, and more!  Send us some mail and

Episode #13: Podcast (William Needs a Job)

Our first pub and pedal adventure, william needs a job, couple of projects, beer, Amir to come on the show soon and Jay, things coming up, davis’ floor, Schwinn talk, Galaxie and Ford talk (william forgets about the XL), calendar stuff, email woes, (lack of) motorcycle update, Carolla and Leno, Google image woes, and more!

Episode #2: Podcast

We discuss house interior painting, William’s truck shifter, the curse of “weird dust”. What goes on during “Friday Eve” activities and Long Beach Roller Derby. Episode 2 (click to listen, right click and “save link as” to download.  Better yet, subscribe on iTunes.) SHOW NOTES: Good Guys: http://www.good-guys.com/ Johnny Winter: http://www.johnnywinter.net/ Eagle Field Drag: http://www.eaglefielddrags.com/