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Episode #50: Project Ranchero

Another day of wrenching on the Rancheo, but we have brakes!  Then our usual banter of projects, upcoming shows, and events.  Check it out!  And send us some mail FFS!     Episode #50 Ranchero progress here and video here … scroll down for the latest!                  

Episode #49: Project Ranchero

Back at the North LB Satellite Studio and wrenching on the Ranchero.  william has a few tips, 91 truck show, upcoming shows, projects, and more!  Send us some mail!   Episode #49   Ranchero videos here and updates here (latest at the bottom of page). 91 Truck Show video here and pix here.    

Episode #48: Sultan’s Car Show

This week’ s podcast includes  The Sultan’s Car Show … “Runchero” updates… cabinets… acoustic ceilings…Daisy (william’s truck) ain’t running so well…and more!   Episode #48   Sultan’s Show pix here and video here Ranchero progress here and videos here (latest is at the bottom of the page)   We has lights!