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Episode 159: F-100 Western Nationals

All Ford Trucks

   Episode #159   Link to Photos of the Event The guys at Pickups Limited of Orange County, California always sponsor a good show for the ever growingly popular Ford F Series truck. If you own a 1950-75 Ford truck, you should spend some time at the Canyon RV Park situated near the Santa Ana

Episode #16: Sultan’s Car Show

Chatting it up right after the Sultan’s Car Show in Signal Hill, GM Shift columns blow, screw eBay and a potential alternative, more chalk talk, william’s home brew recipe, varnish and refinishing, speedo story, william’s tools were toast, what should be in your tool bag (no flashlight for davis), old shoes, motor oil talk, alcohol

Episode #12: Shifter’s Car Show

This episode we just got back from the Shifter’s car show in Old Pomona and some of our favorites, the “Antique Doll”, william’s welding wows but he is square together, ham radios on the Queen Mary, more plans with downhill derby, william actually has a movie review (kinda), we need a new apparel outlet, davis’