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Five Car Shows You Won’t Want to Miss by Jason Mueller

Many car enthusiasts can tell you that the best way to find information on the car of your dreams is by attending a car show. All across the U.S., there are thousands of  annually that showcase some of the most elite as well as vintage, classic, hot rods, sports coupes and other rare and collectible motor vehicles in the world. If you own a car and like to take it to show or you have a project car and want to get some great advice or tips on restoration, a car show is one of the best places to meet others with the same interests as well as extensive information on restoring your car the way that you want to. When you love cars as much as many automobile fans do, it may be difficult to narrow down the best shows to travel to. If this is the case, then these are the five car shows that you will definitely not want to miss.

New Hampshire Auto Show

 UntitledThe New Hampshire Auto Show is held in Bedford, New Hampshire in November each year and showcases some of the finest classic and collectible vehicles around. This show packs hundreds of cars, trucks and other vehicles all in one convenient location and tickets are available at great rates for all ages and the show is a three-day event that includes not only the most unique as well as exclusive cars to ever be manufactured, but also has many prizes, raffles, food and beverage vendors, souvenir and automobilia vendors and great entertainment for all ages.


Tampa Bay International Auto Show

Untitle2dThe Tampa Bay International Auto Show happens once a year in December and spans three days to include hundreds of collectible cars and trucks including hot rods, muscle cars, classics, woodies and many others for spectators to enjoy. The show includes a ride and drive with opportunities to take close looks and experience the thrill of riding in the car of your dreams. There is even a kid friendly area where youth can drive mini-electric vehicles and experience the joy of riding in great replica vehicles. This is one show that definitely has something for everyone and is priced just right for all members of the family to enjoy.


Indianapolis Auto Show

Untitled3The Indianapolis Auto Show is a week-long event held during the last week of December and ending on January 1st. The show features exhibit’s from manufacturers including BMW, Cadillac, Jaguar, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche and many others and includes the finest quality motor vehicles as well as classic and collectible antiques. The show is hosted by the Greater metropolitan Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association and fans have the opportunity to see Indy race cars as well as some of the fastest motorcycles and fun cars in the auto industry. This is a family friendly show and children under the age of 12 are admitted for free. You can see pictures of previous shows and find more information here.


Houston Auto Show

Untitled4The Houston Auto Show is one of the biggest in Texas and is held for five days in April. The show features ride and drivers where participants can drive some of the latest model vehicles from the largest manufacturers in the world and see what they have to offer. Held in a 700,000 square foot building this auto show features not only the newest vehicles from all around the world, but also includes some of the best classic and collectible vehicles ever to be engineered. Whether you are a fan of exotic cars, on-road or off-road or even funny cars and other specialty vehicles, this show has something for all of those that love cars and is an experience like none other. Companies are able to sow their cars at the Aftermarket Expo at the Houston Auto Show and have thousands of people see what they have to offer as well as be part of contests, live car wraps, interactive displays and much more. You can find more info at this link.


Los Angeles Auto Show

 Untitled5The Los Angeles Auto Show takes place in November each year and is one of the largest shows in the Los Angeles area. This show features 162,000 square feet where fans of automobiles can view the newest and most elite vehicles engineered as well as experience the latest technology and other automobile features in demand today. There are also many classics showcased as well as muscle cars and even a DUB showcase for DUB fans that includes a great selection of the most tricked out rides in the state of California. Race fans will enjoy the motorsports area where they can see many exotic race cars and Grand Prix cars as well as many other exhibits. Whether you have a passion for American made cars or even European engineered vehicles, this show is one that includes everything that car lovers enjoy and it is all under one roof to make it convenient for attendees. The Los Angeles Auto Show even includes special celebrity appearances by players and friends of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kings, Galaxy, Clippers and several others to help make this an event to remember for years to come. It is open to the public and includes over 1000 cars, trucks and other vehicles as well as hover boards, rocket skates, e-bikes and much more to ensure that there is something for everyone and all ages are included. You don’t want to miss this event and tickets can be purchased for a reasonable price from now until the day of the show.

No matter what you enjoy the most when it comes to automobiles, these five shows offer the best of the best as well as the most unique, expensive, specialty and other cars, trucks, SUV’s and other rare or collectible motor vehicles to have ever been manufactured worldwide. Many of the events include massive parking and turnaround spaces for those that are having a car brought to show by an auto transport specialist or will be pulling your own vehicle on a trailer. If you would like to have your car included, be sure to contact the show to get your car in as quickly as possible. If you are not planning to show your own car but you have a great love of the auto industry, these five car shows are leaders in the show industry and should definitely not be missed when you are making plans for your show attendance this coming year.