Hospitals are like courthouses, nobody wants to be there. William’s good luck had landed himself in for some needed medical attention these past few weeks. Not to worry, he’s doing much better at home and trying to re-organize his workbench now. So, that is the reason for no podcast recordings the past 3 weeks.


On the other plus side, Davis has been busy with Project Nickel and Dime and getting his 1967 Mustang in running, driving order and is in the process of working out the bugs. Of course, there are always “those bugs”.

Davis finally got her started with the help of Jim Morrison from the Southbay Mustang Owners Club here in the Torrance, CA area. BIG thanks to Jim for suggesting that Davis needed a shorter length pushrod. He suggested I go with Ford Racing pushrod length of 6.272″ which is available through Summit Racing. My Comp Cams pushrods were 6.400″ and almost an eighth inch too long.

So, once we got 160 psi compression, the 302 fired right up without problem. https://youtu.be/J0BCoh5a2q4

And, after that, time for a test drive around the block a few times to see what other problems would surface. Test drive

The temporary exhaust setup for the six cylinder to V8 swap had worked out as planned. She was able to get to the muffler shop for installation of the Magnaflow exhaust kit. I had the kit installed at Lara’s Muffler shop in Long Beach. Jerry did a good job and the Mustang sounded great after the installation on the lift. Check it out and big thanks to Magnaflow for the kit.

photo 3

photo 1

On another note, Davis is learning to fly his DJI Phantom 2 for video and pics.