Cruisin’ for a Cure 2015

Hot Cars on a Hot Day

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This was the 16th annual Cruisin for a Cure Car Show which is aimed at preventing prostate cancer for us gearheads. Each year, this event brings in more cars and with that, more awareness about cancer in men. There was an onsite doctor for the full 9 hour car show to check blood and your old address. Hard fact, cancer is serious business and if you’re negligent getting your prostate checked, you may not be around to enjoy your hot rod or muscle car when you get to the age of retirement.


As mentioned, this show primarily revolved around muscle cars. Nova-Chevelle-Camaro central in our minds. The few high end cars with beautiful paint jobs were showcased in the Meguiar’s hangar located at the center of the grounds. Though we did miss Barry Meguiar, we did see some very nice Willy’s coupes, shoebox Fords and Mopars. Lighting was difficult to shoot any pics worth a bit of salt and that ‘s always the bum aspect of the environment. We would have loved to see these cars on the cruise route within the fairgrounds.


The cruise is the best part of this event. It gives you the chance to see both sides of a car up close with full open headers (if equipped). And who wouldn’t like that? The mile loop can take 30 minutes depending on the amount of cars making the “slow trip”. The tough part with participating in the cruise is dealing with the heat. The heat from the humidity, sun and your engine compounds whether you have a convertible or coupe. It’s not uncommon for a car to overheat and puke coolant along the route. Be assured in any case, its still “cool” to cruise.


We did speak with show organizer and promoter, Debbie Baker who stated that every year the show gets larger and to bookmark our calendars now. “It’s all about cancer awareness and saving lives.”

Very true and you should get yourself checked soon. Cancer sucks.