Mooneyes X-Mas Party Show & Drags

Irwindale, Calif


The annual Mooneyes Xmas Show and Drag…a love/hate relationship.  We have been going for a number of years now and sometimes it is great and sometimes is it riddled with bad organization, drunks, and an over sold show.  You can check out our video from last year. This was a good year.  Maybe the rumors that Irwindale Speedway is going away for a strip mall or that the participants realizing that drinking at 6 am is a bad idea come 3 o’clock when it is time to leave.

Regardless, this was a great show this year.  Plenty of eye candy and some good drag racing…lots of “Run what you brung” but also some serious racers with a couple of serious crashes. We hope everyone will get come back next year.

Overall, great show, lots of new vendors, and not a lot of problems.  Nice way to end 2016.

Here is coverage from last year’s event.

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