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The hot, balmy Southern California sun beat overhead at the 3rd Annual Auto Enthusiast Day sponsored by Nitto Tire. This event was free for spectators and free for auto and truck related vendors. That’s a plus in our book. The Nitto Team was there and took full advantage of the asphalt parking lot of Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA with its sectioned off area for its drifting demonstrations. That was the main reason why I attended along with getting a better look under the hood of late model cars. The main focus crowd was the younger generation of kids who roll in JDM makes like Mitsubishi, Subaru and the like. These kids spend coin on their rides and it shows with the custom seats, paint, tires and wheels.


Figure eight drifting featuring the man-of-the-hour, Mad Mike Whiddett was super entertaining and a learning curve for the spectator. After a couple of passes near the fence, you will start to bow your head down to not get any peeled off rubber in your eyes. It reminds me of the days when I would attend Speedway events in Orange County. Except that would be dirt flying up and I would have to cover my beer with my other hand. I’m not too sure how drifting racing actually gets scored or how the points system works, but I’d definitely go to an actual drift challenge to see more of this tire-smoking hellraising.


The only recommendation I would have for the folks at Nitto for future events would be bleachers for the spectators. Watching racing through chain link fences is a bit annoying. DRIIIIFFFFFTTTTT ON!

Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Driving Line_09

Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day Driving Line_13

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