The Race of Gentlemen

Wet But Worth It


Driving to Pismo Beach, Calif. on Friday was a typical sunny So-Cal Day.  Got out of LA unscathed for the most part, quick lunch at Santa Barbara Brewing Company, and off to media check-in at the North Beach Campground in Pismo.

No worries, some mention of ocean tides and 70% rain for Saturday, but no fuss. “We race rain or shine.”

The clouds made their appearance by Friday at 6 p.m. It was going to rain and William decided he should get a jacket from the K-Mart next door to the motel. This was one of the good ideas for this trip.

Saturday we woke to rain and decided to use Uber to get to the beach for this event. This was the other great idea for this trip. There was zero public parking down by the park entrance, so Uber was key.

Much delay, tides, fog, steady rain, no clear marked entrances etc. The racing got delayed some 3 hours.

We called it quits about 2 hours after the racing started like most others. It was just plain wet. No worries, we’ll go back next year for sure. Please check the tide chart and moon cycle before setting the date.


Mr. Fish, William, and Davis







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